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$80 Order Minimum - Free Shipping over $200

Hello! This story is told by me, Chantel, I’m one of the owners of Yard Letters by Deadline Signs, a Two Minds Group company. My husband, Kris, and I are the dynamic duo that created this love child otherwise known as our first company. We began our entrepreneurial journey in 2011 in a rental house in Florida. Over the last 12 years of business, we have evolved immensely. We moved our family and business to North Carolina where we now are located. We bought several pieces of equipment to allow us to produce all our sign products in-house.

In 2019, we created our secondary brand, Deadline Signs (it truly has become our core business). It allows all of our products to be available for purchase online. We have a custom created website that allows you to build and order your own sign products. It’s really neat and all was custom built by Kris and his tech team. Anyhoo, in 2020 when COVID hit, we saw a huge demand for yard greeting signage so, we started building a hefty inventory of letters, decorations and bundles for those in the industry. We now offer over 1,000 products.

If you don’t see the thing you are looking for on our  Yard Letters by Deadline Signs store, please contact us with any additional questions.  We can create custom products too, so just reach out! I’m happy to help. Thanks for reading our story. Happy shopping!

Meet the Team

Megan Boudreaux

Customer Service Specialist

Chantel Daia

Owner/ Sales Manager

Kris Daia

Owner/Production Manager

Carlie Burris

Graphic Designer

Yard Letters by Deadline Signs